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Gain access to specialized resources and courses to help you navigate the intersection of digital, diplomacy, and development to grow your business or brand locally and globally. Whether you are seeking private coaching experience or enrolling in an on-demand course, become at The Desk of The Digital Diplomat.

Course topics include:

  • Citizen Diplomacy: How to Activate Grassroots Global Relations
  • Securing Global Success: Tapping into United Nations, US Embassy, and More for Project Funding

  • Mastering the Maze: Navigating the Global International Business Context

  • Growing Your Global Stage: Building Your Brand through International Speaking Engagements & Government Speaker Programs

Listen to 7-Figure Certified Life & Business Coach Courtney Sanders share about her experience participating in a private group learning experience.

Courtney reached out to learn more about how to reposition her local brand as a global enterprise. Hear what she had to say.

UNA Global Goals Ambassador Jennifer Borrero shares about her experience participating in a private learning experience.

Jennifer found me on Linkedin through a random search. Until she enrolled, she had a hard time navigating the her expertise in sustainable housing and diplomacy. Hear what she had to say.

A leading global IT company that helps entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations adopt digitalization to access new revenue and value-producing opportunities. From design and development to mobile application, VGC Group builds digital platforms for you to go virtually global.

Services include:

  • Digital Enterprise Advisory Consulting

  • Ecommerce Design & Development
  • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition
  • Mobile Application Design & Development

VGC Group lead an eCommerce program for Ugandan and Malawian entrepreneurs to help grow and scale local businesses globally in partnership with Michigan State University’s Alliance for African Partnership.

VGC Group requested by U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe to lead a Black History Month event masterclass uniting the Zimbabwean business community with African-American tech experts on fostering economic growth through digitalization and collaborative entrepreneurship.

Founded in 2010, SPLiT is a non-profit organization that designs and delivers training curriculums and workshops for domestic and international organizations to help bridge the digital divide and foster economic growth. The mission is to (S) trategically (P) osition (L) ives (i)n (T) echnology.

This non-profit organization served as the non-profit partner of VGC Group to expand community impact.

Strategically Positioning Lives in Technology secured an award grant in partnership with the Michigan Fellows Africa Initiative and Women in Agriculture Union (WAU) to co-launch Advancing Zimbabwean Women in Agriculture Through Technology program.

This value addition training workshop, marked the transition from theory to practical application. The day’s first site tour took place at the Chinhoyi University of Technology Innovation Hub, a beacon for innovation and entrepreneurial development. It functions as more than just a structure; it is an integral part of fostering industrialization in line with the national economy.

Participants received training on various agro-processing techniques that can be applied to their agricultural produce to add value and extend its shelf life.

The Mushroom Angel Company is a consumer packaged goods company specializing in producing whole foods made from mushrooms. Products cut and bite like meat, but taste like veggies. Available in more than 100 locations across 6 Midwest states including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Products can be found in Meijer and specialty stores and restaurants. The mission of the company is to spread the good gospel of mushrooms and make whole foods available to everyone.

NEI’s 2023 Annual Report highlights The Mushroom Angel Company, a Detroit-based business known for its flagship product Cruz Burgers, which is a veggie patty made of Cremini mushrooms. Co-founders and couple W.E. and Dom Da’Cruz moved from New York to Detroit because they knew the city had resources that could help them create their “American Dream” in Detroit. Thank you to the The Fair Food Network and Eastern Market for contributing to this video and for being a part of The Mushroom Angel Company’s entrepreneurship journey!

First television interview with Live in the D sharing about the creation of Cruz Burgers.

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I first had an encounter with Wendy during an exchange Professional Fellows Program at Michigan State University, where Wendy and her partner Naomi Jordan Cook were invited to speak to the group on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. This was by far, one of the best experiences I had while on the program, mainly because Wendy chose not only to speak on professional growth and investment but delved into the growth and feeding of the soul as well. A relevant topic that I believe most start-ups disregard when launching a business today. To quote Rev, Dr Katie Cannon, she said “Do the work your soul must have”, and I have been running on that quote since. She managed to rope me into her experiences by being so vulnerable and authentic; I found her shared experiences relatable, making the experience feel more relational than transactional.

As a young woman in transition and trying to find myself and my purpose in business, getting to listen to Wendy and the things she represents and stands for was absolutely refreshing and was a game-changer for me and the way I used to think. From my experience with Wendy I gathered that my next big idea, how far I can go and how much impact I can make in my community is all really in-between my ears. In Wendy’s words, “Live at the level of your consciousness and not your circumstances”.

Runyararo Musanhi, Professional Fellows Program, Zimbabwe

I had the privilege of engaging in a highly insightful meeting with Wendy Ekua (W.E.) Da’Cruz today, where we delved into strategies for scaling my Shea butter business, Nubian Empire. Wendy’s depth of knowledge and her commitment to fostering growth were truly impressive.

Wendy demonstrated a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the Shea butter industry, providing invaluable insights on how to navigate and capitalize on them. Her strategic approach and thoughtful suggestions illuminated new avenues for expansion and innovation for Nubian Empire.

What stood out most was Wendy’s willingness to share her wealth of knowledge generously. Her recommendations were not only practical but also tailored to the specific needs of my business. Wendy’s insights on tackling various aspects of growth, from market penetration to operational efficiency, were instrumental and will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the success of Nubian Empire.

I am grateful for Wendy’s expertise and collaborative spirit. If you are seeking a partner who not only understands the intricacies of business growth but also actively contributes to its realization, Wendy Ekua (W.E.) Da’Cruz is a remarkable resource.

Todd Afeku, Nubian Empire CEO, United States

I had the honor of working with Wendy Ekua Da’Cruz on several projects and can confidently say she is a force to be reckoned with. A fierce entrepreneur at heart, Wendy combines creativity with an unwavering determination that ensures she not only starts tasks but also sees them through to completion.

Her consultancy skills are top-notch, always geared toward fostering positive change and impactful results. Wendy’s unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating meaningful impact makes her a standout in any setting. I wholeheartedly endorse her for any venture she chooses to pursue.

Anyse Pereira, PhD, Senior Climate Change Strategy Officer, Cape Verde

I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy during the U.S. Department Professional Fellows Program at Michigan State University in September 2022. Her inspiring presentation on food, business, and women empowerment left a lasting impact on me and my fellow African fellows. Since then, we have worked towards collaboration on various projects, and I am proud to call her my American sister. Wendy’s expertise in digitalization and strong interpersonal skills make her an excellent communicator and a valuable asset to any team or stakeholder. Her positive impact on my business has been remarkable.

I believe we can continue to spearhead impactful work together.

Tracy Vongai Mapfumo, Eny's Treats, Founder, Zimbabwe