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As The Digital Diplomat, I help people launch digital businesses in global markets to create jobs and bring down the unemployment rates mainly through my specialization in digital technology, eCommerce and diplomacy. READ FULL STORY

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For Entrepreneurs

Individuals interested in launching business that crosses country borders and for those pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Here’s information and tools to get started and scale. This is an opportunity to understand the global marketplace and how you can create your own lane.


For Organizations

Whether virtually or in front of large audiences, book me to teach and speak about digital technology and entrepreneurship, job creation, lowering unemployment rates and more. From local to international speaking engagements, I provide nontraditional and innovative ways to activate all listeners.


For Globalists

Engage in projects and missions that impact people from around the world and make long-lasting changes. From addressing youth mobilization to women entrepreneurship in underserved communities, my business and international experiences bring value to any team.

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Transforming Economies Through Digitalization 

My work to help launch digital businesses in global markets will create jobs and help lower unemployment rates, especially for the underserved. That’s my commitment.

I thought going to school and getting my degrees would lead me there, but funny enough it was not finding a job and ending up on government support that gave me the conviction I have today to do the work I longed for. This is because for first time, I’d walked in the shoes of the very people I desired to help.

Starting the VGC Group, a global digital tech consultancy, who designs and develops eCommerce platforms and custom mobile apps for entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, was the becoming of The Digital Diplomat. It was not until we had our first African-based business increase sales around the world by 500% did I understand the power of my name.

The vision is to promote economic development through digital technology. And this is what I intend to do. I welcome you to join me along the journey.

Signed ,

Watch Lessons
How to Set A Global Goal to Address

Anytime I speak to someone like yourself or encourage entrepreneurs to think globally, they always ask, “Where do I start? or How do I begin to think globally?” Don’t worry. I recorded a video to help address those questions and get you started right away!

An Inside Look

W.E. is one of those people you know will do incredible things. I worked with her in 2019 through ExporTech, a program designed to accelerate a company’s growth in global markets.  From our first interaction, I knew that W.E. was a passionate and driven businesswoman. She was dedicated to the process. I have no doubt she will accomplish anything she sets her mind on!

Natalie Chmiko

Vice President, Int’l Trade at Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Working with W.E for the inaugural African Business Symposium at Michigan State University was fantastic. Her talk centered on supporting African entrepreneurs and it took the audience on a journey that allowed them to imagine themselves using African made products. This simple but powerful image inspired people to think critically about how they engage and support frontier markets.

Gigi Ngcobo

Michigan State University MasterCard Foundation Scholar

Instagram @wedacruz

Repost from @eatcruzburgers

We're currently in the kitchen cooking up some patties to grill outside this weekend. But, we can hardly help ourselves. @Domdidash wanted to eat one right now so we’re using our oven grill.

What you think about the sizzling?? 😋

Pre-orders won’t be out until mid June which means you’ll have it in time for July 4th grilling! Yay!!

Make sure to place your order now. We’ll be fulfilling all pre-orders first before we fill orders after the pre-order period. Visit cruzburgers.com to place pre-order!

What are you doing this weekend? We wanna know! Tell us below.

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Repost from @shesoffscript

What does it take to go from a recipe to a fully-fledged food product business? In the midst of a pandemic, @wedacruz and her husband launched a plant-based burger patty called @eatcruzburgers. In this episode, she shares her journey with growing the business so far.

We talk about the steps she took to start the business; how to find trusted partners; how to market and more.

In episode 137, you will learn about:
💡Where to start with a food-based business
💡How to brand, market, and sell your product from scratch
💡The two-pronged marketing strategy she uses for Cruz Burgers
💡How they are making Cruz Burgers a household name
💡How much money it takes to bring a product to market

Full episode *link in bio* Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, or say "Alexa, play the She's Off Script podcast" 🙂

Repost from @eatcruzburgers

We’re officially OPEN for pre-orders!

Use PREORDER5 shipping code to get $5 OFF shipping valid until May 31st or code CURBSIDE for Free Local Pickup at Eastern Market (Michigan Residents Only).

A big thank you to everyone who’s been supporting this new venture.

We have limited stock this time around so be sure to place your order ASAP! 🙌🏾🙏🏾

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The love I get to receive daily from my Heavenly Father and manifested through my earthly King and Prince. ♥️

It’s the same love we’ve put into our @eatcruzburgers. Not a shameful plug. Honestly. As you mature in life and this faith walk, today and on all holidays (daily), I use it as a time to reflect on how far God has brought us and all the many ways He’s manifested His love in our lives by entrusting us with visions like Cruz Burger.

Whether your out on a fancy date or home cleaning up, so much love to reflect on. Make sure to click link in bio and join our mailing list to find out when we hit the stores!

Blessed birthday to the only man I’m hungry for @domdidash. 🎉

I hope you’re still hungry; it’s going to be a FULL year. Let’s get it babe!

#therealbonnieandcycle #dinningwiththedacruz #cruzburgers #12yearsandcounting #marriagestory

The picture is blurry. But the vision is clear: God’s love.

I applaud all the families that were organized enough to choose outfits in advance and schedule professional shots.

Us on the other hand, my mother bought the children’s outfits on Christmas Eve. The parentals found matching pieces on Christmas Day in our closets.🤷🏾‍♀️😅

I told my mother to take a photo and this is what we got. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

We just Keep Calm and DaCruz on ...

Blessed Christmas!

If you can relate, just put a ❤️ below. I probably won’t have this post up for long but I just wanted to let someone know that it’s okay.

Beauty, gratefulness, love and joy is in the eyes of the beholder. To me, this photo is picture perfect because I know what we’ve been through and out as a family and still smile because of God’s love.

A professional photo can’t capture that, only our hearts.

Cruz Burgers is our conscious.

It was birthed out of a global pandemic. Just like you, we were forced to pivot. What better way to adjust than to start a family endeavor and eat healthier. So the journey began.

The English word for Cruz is the cross. Our mission is to be the point of intersection where family and healthy eating collide. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan, and the likes, you can gather around the table for a Cruz Burger.

We’re on this journey with you @eatcruzburgers.

Prior to this, we’d never developed or launched a food product. This is new for @domdidash and I. But for us, we didn’t see pandemic, we saw possibility and acted upon it.

A lot has transpired. Much of which has caused great anxiety, stress but also joy and peace because of a renewed standard of purpose.

Spending the next few days left in the year auditing my life and re aligning myself with God’s voice and what’s next for us.

In the meantime, #Clubhouse accepted one of my two rooms so far.

Follow Conscious vs. Circumstantial Living. We’ll be discussing the kind of principles one needs to acquire and active to rise above challenges like a pandemic. See you in the room!

The bridge to get you from where you are now to where you want to be is your WORD.

I’ll be going LIVE sometime today or tomorrow to discuss the power of language.

You know, growing up, I used to hear friends in the neighborhood say “word is bond” and I never quite understood what it meant until I got mature revelation about Proverbs 18:21:

“Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

I’ll be sharing a key principle that I rooted a major life decision on: Marriage at the age of 23. It’s going to be good.

This will help you get a breakthrough in your relationships, business and ALL your desires.

I told y’all, we about to become REAL acquainted. See you later! Turn notifications on.

#wedacruz #igtv #live #principles #wordisbond #proverbs18:21

From unemployment to employer @thevgcgroup and soon to be employing through our newest venture @eatcruzburgers, I know all too well about the power of your tongue.

I deeply feel for those who have been greatly impacted by #COVID19.

I feel for those experiencing job loss.
I feel for those experiencing the loss of family and friends.
And everything else that’s been negatively impacted.

But, if I can offer you a word of wisdom that I’ve learned along my journey as I elevated my consciousness, it is this:

It’s never the situation that’s killing you; it’s always what you are saying about the situation that has the potential to take away your life.

I’ll be on IGTV tonight sharing more about the launch of @eatcruzburgers and the journey to this moment, and the way forward for us as a family.

See you soon!

#entrepreneurship #howtopivot #familybusiness #quarantine

#howitstarted vs #howitsgoing @eatcruzburgers ...

We’ve been working on something 🤯 behind the scenes while quarantining y’all as a family.

Never, ever, in my life did I really think, we’d go to market with a food product. And a plant based meatless burger at that! 🤷🏾‍♀️

I’ve been in the entrepreneurship space for some time now, but this right heerrreeeeeee....

Theeeee most exciting project to date. Why? Because we’ve been building it as a family.

Yup, homeschooling our two children Autumn Eve and Geody for @domdidash and I has become the perfect opportunity to show them how to build a business from the bottom up.

Get ready. The branding is bananazzzzzz! And the 👅??? The taste? Wild!

Follow us @eatcruzburgers for all the details. Just an ordinary family committed to EXTRAordinary things in faith, family, food and funds! Yesssssir!

Shoutout to @thevgcgroup for handling the branding and development of CRUZ BURGERS.

If you’re looking to start a business or scale and idea and need support, check our our newest Support Membership program. You can literally engage our team of experts on the go! Link in bio.