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Hello Digital Diplomat!

I had different plans for my video introducing EXPORT TO SCALE™, but this will have to do.

Calling all entrepreneurs, momprenuers, dadpreneurs, click here https://exporttoscale.com/rsvp to learn more about this 12-week intensive program led by the Virtual Global Consultant Group on how to take your product or service into another country to grow your business revenues through digital technology!

If nobody else believes I’m The Digital Diplomat™, at least we know my daughter is convinced! Haha.

What an inspiration. She gets front row view of this journey to help entrepreneurs and business owners build the kind of businesses that creates jobs around the world.
And to think giving birth to her at such a young age (24) was going to stop me from living my life’s purpose; I was wrong!

My personal journey wouldn’t be as fruitful without her by my side. And shout out to my Geody for just getting right into our family mix!

Join us for a LIVE webinar, click here.

If you are like me and are typically an early adopter to something new, go ahead and visit VGC University today to enroll. I’ve added the button below.

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