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Hi Diplo’s,

Can you believe it? We’ve finally put imposter syndrome to the side and recorded our first podcast episode.

This has been in the making for a long time. If I really take it back, it began at my first internship as a freshmen in college in Newark, New Jersey at WBGO Jazz 88.3.

Under the leadership of Doug Doyle and Monica Miller, I learned how to interview and produce soundbites for local news on radio. I remember learning how to use ProTools to narrate and story-tell. That opportunity would not have been possible without the recommendation of my Seton Hall University teacher and mentor, Professor Mildred Antenor. It was on her word that I got that internship before I ever interviewed for it.

Of course, she never told me this and coached me on what suit to buy and how to prepare for my interview. I’ll never forget those kind of experiences and I will always be grateful for the leaders who pulled me up onto their shoulders to become the person I am today and the person I continue evolve into.

Fast forward, some 14 years later, married with three young children, two businesses, multiple international consultancies, and much more, I’ve launched my first podcast and produced it myself. Well, at least this first recording. I’ll build a team and system around this production, but for now, we’re staying in action and making no excuses.

Here’s an introduction to The Digital Diplomat Podcast and what you can expect as a listener. I encourage you to share, like and comment.

You can stream the podcast on a few different channels (still processing); I’ve listed the available one below:



W.E. – The Digital Diplomat

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