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In Episode 1, I decided to share a little more about myself. If this is your first time hearing about me or maybe you’ve heard my name before, but are wondering, Who is this W.E. Da’Cruz? Why does she call herself the Digital Diplomat? Then you’re in for a small treat.
I invited my husband Dominique Da’Cruz to ask me some basic questions that will shed some light on my journey and how I got to this moment in time with you here listening to this podcast. You’ll learn more about me throughout future episodes, so let’s consider this more of an introduction.

Important Links to Know:

To learn more about the host, W.E. Da’Cruz, visit her personal website at

For private tech intensives with W.E. Da’Cruz, visit or contact for more information about how to build your digital infrastructure.

To learn more about her food manufacturing company, visit The Mushroom Angel Co. at or visit to order plant-based burger patties made from mushrooms directly.

The music in this podcast is produced by artist and musician Christopher Staton aka Big State. To find his music, visit

For speaking or consultancies, visit

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Dominique believes our communities’ most dire economic challenges will be solved by taking on the idea that “small is the new big”. With more than 10 years of experience in financial services, start-up business planning, and non-profit management, Dominique is channeling his range of experiences into the launch of The Cruz Burger™, a mushroom-based alternative meat product, and serving as a board member for an NGO focused on advancing economic opportunities of the underserved in Detroit’s North End community. Before taking on social entrepreneurship full-time, Dominique built his career in Commercial Lending to small businesses, with the responsibility of sourcing and underwriting commercial term loans, lines of credit, and working capital. His transition from serving small business owners to becoming a small business owner is a natural pivot. He seeks to use his experience to successfully launch his brand and help other for-profits and non-profit entities leverage what might seem “small” in order to make a big impact.

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