Export to Scale – Why We Believe Money is NOT the Problem, But Your Lack of System Is

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Hey Digital Diplomats!

We’ve hit the ground running. Today, we hosted our first LIVE masterclass on #ExportToScale. Here’s a short snippet from the LIVE explaining what you get from the program. We also share our position about earning more revenue. We believe that money is NOT the problem. The issue is the lack of structure or systems to capture the wealth that is circulating all around you.

Let that marinate. In the meantime, here’s some more information for you about what to expect from the program.

When planning to engage in international trade, it is important to educate yourself in the various concepts and processes conducted by businesses to sell their products or services globally.

The Export to Scale intensive course aims to provide a deeper insight on how to build an international business by taking advantage of digital tools online and exploring available resources from public and private institutions.

Here’s what you can expect:

Identify an international problem that your specialization in the form of a product or service addresses
Learn how to search, identify and secure funding to finance international trips that will help expand your business
Develop key actions to build your golden group of international leaders to support your product or service
Scale your audience reach and impact across country borders

We look forward to seeing you on our next LIVE. Visit www.exporttoscale.com to RSVP and learn more about our program.

PS (We had a small minor glitch in the recording. Naomi’s video does not show in this version. We’ll update the replay recording with our next LIVE session. The content is still great. Enjoy!)

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