Export to Scale – Where do you fit in the larger economy?

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Hi there! It’s me The Digital Diplomat..

We launched a program a few months ago called Export to Scale.

This 12-week program offers individuals an in depth and guided journey of how to launch digital businesses in global markets. The course is founded on the following six-step G.L.O.B.A.L. framework:

  1. Global Goal Setting
  2. Leverage Funding
  3. Organize Partnerships
  4. Build Digital Infrastructure
  5. Attract End Users
  6. Launch Offer

Why we created this course

You’ve heard this line many times before – “We’ve created this course just for you.”

Well, that’s not why we created this course. We’ve created this course for people like us!

People who want to succeed.

People who want to rise above.

People who recognize OPPORTUNITIES.


  • You can be a global business owner just like us!
  •  Employing people from across the globe
  • Generating thousands of dollars in revenue for clients

When planning to engage in international trade, it is important to educate yourself in the various concepts and processes conducted by businesses to sell their products or services globally.

This Export to Scale intensive program aims to provide a deeper insight on how to build an international business by taking advantage of digital tools online and exploring available resources from public and private institutions.

Here’s what you can expect :

  • Identify an international problem that calls to your specialization in the form of a product or service
  • Learn how to search, identify and secure funding to finance international trips that will help expand your business
  • Develop key actions to build your golden group of international leaders to support your product or service
  • Scale your audience reach and impact across country borders
Here’s a snippet from our weekly LIVE sessions. Do you know where you fit in the global economy? Learn how to enroll by clicking here.

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