The U.S. Battle TikTok and How It Impacts Entrepreneurs

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Hey! It’s me, The Digital Diplomat, and I’m back to give you all the 411 on all things international and technology-related. Between homeschooling and keeping up with my various businesses, I haven’t had time to discuss some trending tech news with you guys, but it’s not too late for you to be informed.

So, let’s talk about the United State’s ongoing court battles with TikTok and WeChat. 

While many of us are focused on elections right now, for those of us whose businesses are very dependent on social media – and in particularly TikTok and WeChat – it’s important to follow this continuing conflict between the Trump administration and the Chinese-owned TikTok and WeChat. Essentially, the US government alleges that the Chinese governmentposes a threat to national security because they are – supposedly – taking advantage of American users on these social media platforms as a means of surveillance on the U.S.  

According to the articles I read on Reuters and CNN, which I will share in the links below, the judges in charge of this case concede that there is ample evidence to support the notion that the Chinese pose a significant threat to national security. However, they are skeptical to justify a direct correlation that TikTok and WeChat are the vehicles China is using to carry out this threat.  For this reason, the ban against these apps that was set about a week or so ago by the Trump Administration was blocked by a U.S. district judge.

I would caution you, as your Digital Diplomat, to not believe that the fight is over just yet. The true date we should be looking at is November 12th, which is when the final decision will be made on whether other restrictions should be set for TikTok and WeChat. Just imagine if this restriction is imposed. How many customers are you going to lose? How much of your business revenue is going to drop, especially if TikTok generates you the most prospective customers or if WeChat is the only communications platform that you use to engage your Chinese suppliers or wholesalers? 

That’s why it is important to understand how the government’s decisions trickle down to impact us on a business level. But not to worry, that’s why your girl W.E. DaCruz, The Digital Diplomat, is here to chunk down these topics so that you can see how digital technology and diplomatic news can coexist for better or worse. But most importantly, how it impacts you, the entreprenuer. 

What is your strategy if this goes into effect? What is it going to do to your business and how do you plan to pivot? 

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