Ep. 8 Pt. 1 Prelude

Putting my own spin to visual podcasting to help you learn how to impact locally and build globally through digitalization.

A Shortlist of Agencies to Help You Launch Your International Career

Government Agencies with an International Focus for Private and Public Sector Engagement

Export Opportunities and Challenges: 2022 NADEC Annual Export Conference

Moderating a panel discussion on Export Opportunities & Challenges Exporting in Web 3.0: Navigate eCommerce, Metaverse, NFT’s, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Virtual Reality at NADEC Annual…

The Digital Diplomat Podcast Launch

Here’s an introduction to The Digital Diplomat Podcast and what you can expect as a listener. I encourage you to share, like and comment.

Interview With Courtney Sanders – Tech Expert, Coach, & May 19th-20th 2022 NADEC Panelist

Another interview with May 19th-20th NADEC panelist, Courtney Sanders, a coach and tech expert. She will be sharing her experience in building digital infrastructures, and…

NADEC 2022 Michael Sudarkasa, CEO of Africa Business Group

Meet another 2022 NADEC Conference Panelist, Michael Sudarkasa, CEO of Africa Business Group. All the way from South Africa, he will be sharing insights on…

Exporting in Web 3.0 with Mack Hendricks, CEO of Flyball

The 2022 NADEC Export Conference is happening this May! There will be debates, discussions and insights about the impacts of #web3.0 #Metaverse #ecommerce and #NFTs…

Financial Technology is Impacting Global Communities

Financial technology is not a figment of our imagination, but the fruition of innovation. As the world continues to transition from brick and mortar to…

Do this before you mint an NFT

I warn you. Don’t buy an NFT until you do this. When you log into your @discord account scroll to the project you’re interested in…