From the Desk of The Digital Diplomat Early-Bird Enrollment Open

After hundreds of messages over the past 7 years; thousands of hours spent on phone or video calls; millions (it feels like) of texts and…

Zimbabwean Female Food Founder shares how unemployment jumpstarted business Pt. 2

Zimbabwean Female Food Founder shares how unemployment jumpstarted business.

Family visit to location of largest food and beverage investment by Africa-based company Niche Cocoa

Helping my children experience a different narrative about Africa and being from African descent in America.

Interview With Courtney Sanders – Tech Expert, Coach, & May 19th-20th 2022 NADEC Panelist

Another interview with May 19th-20th NADEC panelist, Courtney Sanders, a coach and tech expert. She will be sharing her experience in building digital infrastructures, and…

Becoming the Producer

Hey there! I am W.E DaCruz, the Digital Diplomat. I’m here to bring you all things digital tech and diplomacy in an effort to help…

Is Free Trade Really Free?

Today we will be discussing free trade. If you want to sell your products and services around the world, you must know how other countries…

How Trade Affects the Average Consumer: Why You Don’t See ‘Made in Ghana’ Products

Hey, welcome back from the Desk of The Digital Diplomat! We’re talking about all things digital technology, diplomacy, and ecommerce.

Export to Scale – Where do you fit in the larger economy?

This 12-week program offers individuals an in depth and guided journey of how to launch digital businesses in global markets. The course is founded on…

Opinion: Virtual Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Webinar Conference

The South African Consulate-General Chicago, in collaboration with the State of Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (#DCEO), the African Global Chamber of Commerce…