Do this before you mint an NFT

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I warn you. Don’t buy an NFT until you do this.

When you log into your @discord account scroll to the project you’re interested in investing in.

Search for the hashtag scam alerts. Read. Read. Read. There are some good people in these projects that are calling out the scammers. Don’t fall for the traps.

Don’t let anyone pull you out of the main groups including the thread with hashtag general discussion to “try and help” you. It’s all a scam.

If they want to help you, they can help you publicly inside the threads.

Be vigilant. Scammers are faking as admin, as bots, as everything and anything to get into your digital wallets.

I believe in the utility of NFTs and blockchain as a business owner doing business globally. There will come a day where blockchain will be synonymous with supply chain. That may go over your head a bit, but it’s okay. I will be educating you along the way.

This aspect of NFTs is just the barrier to entry. It’s so young. Barely two years. There is a much larger utility but even at this level, you have to learn how the game is played.

Let me know if this is helpful and if you are investing in NFTs.

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